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Workforce Management


Maximizes Workforce Productivity


The workforce is growing more and more diverse, beyond different schedules, shifts, and exemptions. Tracking attendance and workforce planning is critical to your day-to-day success. Use our Workforce Management tools to get data insights on time and attendance to run your business more efficiently. Empower employees to handle daily needs, like time and attendance. Take the manual work out of time tracking and scheduling, while reducing compliance risk and increasing productivity across the board.

Hassle-Free Time Tracking


Accurately track time and attendance data with Time and Labor, eliminating the need for manual tracking of accruals. Reduce administrative tasks and maintain accurate records for individual employees, all in one place.

Beyond Roll Call


Assign and track points based on employee attendance. Quickly and easily view and manage an audit trail to identify tardiness, absenteeism, or extended break and meal periods for the last 30 days.

Employee Scheduling Made Easy


Automate schedule tracking by creating and adjusting work schedules as needed — including building policies such as duration, time between shifts, and availability – without having to manually correct necessary payroll data.

Show Me the Data


Access useful data easily with a library of pre-built reports, view data with a live dashboard view of schedules, and track or fix employee exceptions like tardiness and missed punches.

Time & Labor
Attendance Points
Reports & Dashboards
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