HR Advisory

Actionable, reliable HR advice

A dedicated HR partner: 

HR can be overwhelming when you go it alone. With Avista, you don’t have to. Work with a dedicated HR Advisor who understands your business and your unique HR challenges.


Peace of mind: 

We know HR compliance and can help you with any HR challenges that come your way. We'll free up time for you to focus on the most important things. 


HR answers you can trust: 

Stop searching online for answers to your HR questions. Our HR Advisors have an average of 15+ years of experience. If you have an HR question, they’ll have the answer.

Coaching to build your HR expertise: 

Need help interpreting the latest HR law or guideline, or are you just looking to grow your HR knowledge? We’ll help you build your skills so you can take your organization and your career to the next level.

Together, we can do HR better


A Collaborative HR approach links businesses with the workplace solutions you need to thrive. 


Teaming up with a Collaborative HR partner can help significantly drive growth across your organization. The right partner will have the expertise and tools to answer complex HR questions for your team, build your team’s HR capabilities, and craft long-term HR strategies that align with your business objectives.  Not only will that create value for your customers, it can serve as a lasting competitive advantage for you.

The Collaborative HR Model: A fresh, proactive solution

Helps employers quickly and proactively find solutions to their problems.

Empowers internal HR teams, builds their capabilities, and aligns HR with business goals.

Connects HR practitioners to a broad range of expertise, technology, and vendors across the HR landscape.

Cost-effectively delivers lasting outcomes for HR practitioners and their organizations.

Plans to meet you wherever you are on your HR journey


Solve your more complex HR issues with a HR Advisor

Everything you get with Core, plus:


  • Employer Engagement 

  • Staffing and Hiring Planning

  • Turnover Analysis

  • HR Vendor Selection 

  • Recognition Program

  • Compensation Strategy

  • Best Place to Work Strategy

  • HR Coaching

  • Organizational Culture 

  • Performance Management

  • HR Technology Consulting 

  • And more!



Tackle HR compliance

with a HR Advisor

Everything you get with Basic, plus:


  • HR Audit & Gap Analysis

  • Employee handbook 

  • Policy development 

  • New hire procedures

  • Employee leave compliance

  • Termination procedures

  • Employee relations

  • Situational advice

  • Employment obligations


Form a solid HR foundation and get answers when you need them

Assistance to your day to day HR questions.

HR Digital Suite, that includes:

  • HR basic guidance

  • Recruitment & Hiring

  • Discipline & Termination

  • HR forms and policies

  • Online HR trainings

Frequently asked questions


Does Avista plans require an annual contract?

All of our packages are delivered on an annual contract basis in order to achieve the best results. In our experience, we’ve seen much better HR outcomes by building lasting relationships with our clients.


Does Avista offers on-site services?

For the most part, we deliver our services virtually — which provides you with a consistent, quick, and efficient experience. For on-site options, please contact us for a custom quote.

What is the HR Digital Suite?

It’s your online HR toolkit that contains HR templates, trainings and HR guidance, federal and state laws and answers — all in one convenient place — whenever you need them. The content is rigorously audited and ridiculously easy to understand. In short, it’s designed to help you and your team quickly find the HR answers you’re looking for.

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