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Perk Up Your Benefits


The world of employee benefits management — all the options available and pieces to manage — can be overwhelming. Let us simplify it for you. Plan and administer competitive benefits packages in one place while offering a smooth, mobile-friendly experience for employees, too, with our Employee Benefits Management tool. Employees can access benefits info on the go, and you can easily connect benefits with HR and Payroll to reduce costs and minimize risk.

Benefits Made to Order


Administer third-party benefit services like FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, and COBRA with ease, and supplement your standard plans with complementary programs, giving your employees the benefits options they need.

Pain-Free Management


Our user-friendly Employee Benefits Management platform makes enrollment easy and helps employees see the value of the plans you offer. Give them the power to manage their own elections, and run reports to see the most popular benefits, contribution amounts, and more.

Flexible Benefits
Benefits Administration
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